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        Dedicate to provide customers

        with integrated solution

        of precision forging, heat treatment

        and fine machining.

        Machinery manufacturing is the pillar industry of Jinma Industrial Group dedicated to provide customers with integrated solution of precision forging, heat treatment and fine machining. The main products are automotive parts, construction machinery parts...

        Ri Zhao Kumho Jinma Chemistry Co.,Ltd

        Ri Zhao Kumho Jinma Chemistry Co.,Ltd was founded in 2007, located inTaoluo industrial zone,donggang, was invested by Kumho korea and Jinma Industrial Goup, the total investment is RMB 400 million, and annual capacity is 150.000 tons of SB-latexes.


        The company established the provincial level research center of aynthetic latex, which is the standard maker of the first part (XSBRL) 56C.56B》GB/T25260.1-2010. 

        The main products include curtain wall,  system doors and Windows, fireproof doors and Windows, composite fireproof glass, toughened glass, building steel structure, external elevator, three-dimensional garage and construction and the products& projects throughout spread over more than 10 cities such as Jinan, Qingdao, Weihai, Weifang etc.

        Jinma Rihui Curtain Wall Decoration Co.,Ltd


        Owning six first-class qualifications such as for general contracting of construction projects etc.

        The company has built five living areas, providing safe, healthy and comfortable living environment and "Considerate, comfortable and reassuring" property management services for our workers and owners.

        Ri Zhao Real Estate Development Co.,Ltd

        High-quality construction, service for owners and strive to be the harmonious society builder.

        Jinma Industrial Group Co.,Ltd

        News Center

        Intelligent manufacturing for better life


        Corporate Video

        Honesty, Practicality, Innovation, Win-win

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